September 24th, 2014




The lovely Pip from Meet Me at Mikes: has done it again put together a fabulous list to take

stock for the month of September I love this idea here is mine the original can be found here

Making : Morning coffee
Cooking : Scallops, Quinoa, roasted seasonal fruit on a mirco green salad for dinner (yummy)
Drinking : Organic Raw Kombucha- multi green ( this is the best thing ever)
Reading: Parenting with love and logic (great book)
Wanting: To reorganize
Looking: At A cup of Jo
Playing: With my princess
Deciding: On a painting project
Wishing: To Take pics in the mountains (# soon)
Enjoying: My bella Bambina
Waiting: For fall fashion
Liking: Change of colours
Wondering: When I can fit in a trip to the mountains
Loving: Life
Pondering: Mixed media art techniques
Considering: A dance class
Watching: The Realhousewives of Melbourne( I’m so Aussie) 
Hoping: The nice weather lasts
Marvelling: At Life
Needing: A facial
Smelling: Pumpkin spiced tea brewing (Love fall)
Wearing: A t-shirt and jeans
Following: My favorite blogs
Noticing: Amazing artists
Knowing: LOVE
Thinking: About everything and anything…
Admiring: My sisters travel pics
Sorting: Laundry
Buying: A museum membership
Getting: Art done
Bookmarking: Ballet barre routines
Disliking: The news
Opening: Amazon package
Giggling: Jenny mollen’s book: I like you just the way I am (hilarious)
Feeling: Great
Snacking: Snapea Crips Wasabi ranch
Coveting: A red dress
Helping: The princess stack blocks
Hearing: Group Love: Ways to go



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