Doing a tree removal job is difficult to do, especially if you’re dealing with an old deceased tree. Most of the time, the stump remains on the ground and the next challenge is how to remove it. After the tree cutting session, you have to think of ways on how to remove the stump because it can’t stay there forever. The stump is part of the trunk of the tree which is fixed on the root area. There are times that the stump will redevelop, but most of the time it just rots. If you want to grow a new tree of you’re planning to use the land for other purposes, then stump removal should be done.

There are two ways of removing the stump, one is the traditional stump removal and the other is stump grinding. You can choose either of the two, but the effectiveness of the method will depend on the size of the tree and the extent of roof system. This is the reason why you should know the difference between the two methods so you would know what’s best to use. Hiring tree cutting services Ottawa would also help you a lot.

Method 1: Stump Grinding

You can do this method once the tree has been cut or removed to ground level. In this method, the stump is grounded using a grinder. The stump is grounded into tiny portions, and you should make sure that they are fine. The ground stump can be used as a ground cover or mulch. The stump is ground until you can see that it’s already inches below the ground. After a period of time, the stump will rot together with the roots around it.

Method 2: Stump Removal

The stump removal is more challenging than stump grinding. In this method, the root ball needs to be removed. Why is it a hard one? Because the root ball is going to grow once the tree grows too, so expect a huge size of the ball. The average size is 4 up to the size of the tree. Once this method is successfully done, you will notice a very big hole in the area where the tree grew.

What Method is Ideal?

Now, the final verdict. Between stump removal and stump grinding, which is more ideal to be used? If you want to save more time and money, stump grinding is the best solution for you. You won’t also find a big hole on the ground. Although it will take time for the stump to rot with the roots, it’s more economical that way.

If you’re dealing with small trees, stump removal could work. This is because you’re going to deal with a small sized root ball. However, it’s not always recommended if you’re dealing with old and large trees. But don’t fret because professionals of tree removal have all the tools and equipment needed to get this job done.

There are also other stump removal methods which use chemicals so the stump will rot fast. You also have an option to burn the stump to get rid of it easily. Whatever your choice is, always ask a professional to help you.