Staying safe and getting away from the possible accidents is very important reminder to everyone. But sometimes it is still very hard to be safe no matter how careful and try to be more observant to your way. There are still some accidents that we don’t expect in unexpected time. The colorado springs personal injury attorney said that many of their clients are victims of vehicular accidents and hit and run. Below are some of the safety tips and reminders to everyone especially when you are walking downtown.

  1. REMEMBER TO WALK ON THE SIDEWALKS: Sidewalks and even overpass is very important part of road safety. In this way, people would be given a chance to walk there and be safe in case there are cars running on the road. For the sidewalks, it is intended for people who are walking on the path. This is the only place where people can walk and not to the middle of the road where cars are moving. The overpass is the bridge on the top that you can. It is used when you are planning to go across that street. There is also zebra crossing or commonly called pedestrian lane where you can walk across to the street. Make to follow this simple one as they are the basic when it comes to being safe on the road.
  2. LOOK AT THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS AND SIGNS: It is a good thing to pay attention to your right and left side. Even if you are in the right path or lane, if there is a car running too fast there would still be a chance that you will be hit by this car. Being alert in times like this would definitely help you. Look at the traffic light as it may help you. It will give its time and sign if you can walk now to the zebra crossing.
  3. MAKE A SIGN WHEN CROSSING: Don’t run when you are crossing the pedestrian lane. Remember, it is intended for everyone to use when they are crossing the streets or a busy road. You can wear bright color shirts or even printed one. You can make a hand sign that you wanted to cross the street, in this way vehicles would slow down from running too fast.
  4. DON’T CROSS WHEN YOU ARE IN DOUBT: If you are thinking that the driver of the car is in a hurry or maybe there is an emergency. You can just stand by and wait for the chance to go across. If the road is too busy and the cars or even big vehicles are running too quick, then look for another way to cross the road. There might be an overpass available or even wait for others to go across the street.
  5. WAIT FOR THE VEHICLE TO STOP BEFORE YOU GO: If you are new to this kind of situation. There would always be an option. It is either you wait for the vehicles to stop before you go.